Tumblr isn’t my safe place anymore. I think that it can do great things and raise awareness for a lot of causes, but it can also spread misinformation and hate. Especially towards me and my country. And I can’t deal with that. Not after losing friends in this war. Not after a little boy was just killed. Not after speaking to my family and scrolling through my newsfeed daily and knowing that it’s never over. Not after living there for a majority of my life and knowing that my people are under constant attack.. But are expected to just sit down and take it.

I’m going to go through and unfollow people who I’ve seen post often about it. Regardless of our relationship, regardless of how often we’ve talked, I don’t care.
I’m not at a place where I can deal with my people’s suffering being thrown under the bus and mocked or ignored anymore. I’m done.

I stand with Israel because I understand the situation and I’ve lived it.

And you can stop sending me messages about how I’m “Israeli scum” or “a baby killer” or a “Zionist bitch” now. You’re trying to provoke me to respond, but I know damn well that isn’t what I, or my country, is.

I’m gonna take a break from here for a while. And please, if you have a problem with me being Israeli, take this time to unfollow me and never fucking speak to me again.